Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Brighton-Born Author- Roger Blount

This year holds the launch of the new author, Roger Blount. His first published book 'The Autumn Leaves' is a wonderful tale.

The small town of Wannabee is situated west of the Appalachian range and sits in a shallow valley sided by low foothills to the east and west. A narrow, mostly passive river, the Machohatis, winds its way roughly north to south through the middle of the town, dividing the real estate and the population. Most times of the year, the river almost saunters its way through the valley and only during the brief Spring thaw does it muster enough energy to flush away the discarded waste of careless humans. It is at this time also, that some of the children gather on an old wooden bridge to throw stones at the passing bottles and cans and anything else offering itself as a floating target. Thus begins a fascinating narrative of this small town in the USA. Apparently, nothing much happens in Wannabee, but in truth all human life is there. Yet for all the events, the town remains insular, and the folk of the town are comfortable with that. Roger Blount's novel is deceptively simple. His tale teems with interest and gentle irony.

The book is due to lauch this Spring-Summer of 2006 and early reviews show that this is not one to miss!
This site is dedicated to keeping you updated on the release so keep checking!!!